Every year at about this time, the internet is sure to feed us the horror stories of the Halloween Candy given to children who are trick-or-treating.  Back in the day, it was "Watch for razor blades and pins" now, it's the big lie of  "Look out, they're handing out Marijuana edibles to our kids"

Let's be honest with each other for a minute. 

First, trick-or-treating is NOT what it used to be.  Older Americans grew up trick-or-treating at homes of complete strangers.  Kids would hit neighborhoods up and come home with tons and tons of candy.  Now, I maybe get 3 sets of trick-or-treaters a year, and those have been set up by friends to bring their littles by for the holiday.  It is extremely rare to see kids wandering the neighborhoods of their home town hitting as many homes as possible before they have to go home.

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Second, NOBODY, and I mean NOBODY that has marijuana edibles in their home is going to hand them out to children for Halloween.  Throw decency out the window, it's because they're EXPENSIVE.  For 20 pieces of pot candy, with a THC level below 5, its around $20.  I'm talking about a bag of candy with 20 gummy bears in it.  In order to pass out Halloween candy this way, you'd have to spend hundreds of dollars.  Hundreds.  If you don't believe me, check out the prices at one of our local, legal pot dispensaries.  Twenty pieces of candy or ONE brownie or cookie for around twenty bucks.


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