Montana is home to one of the most exclusive real estate developments in the world.

The Yellowstone Club certainly has its fair share of the "Rich and Famous" and while there are several rumors of who and who doesn't live in the exclusive property, one thing is for sure, not only is the area beautiful, but it's also costly.

The history of the real estate development is certainly an interesting one. It's played out like a prime-time soap opera over the years with land swap deals, government involvement, lawsuits, and bankruptcy.

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The Yellowstone Club has been featured on several news outlets and television shows, and it is rated in the Top 10 Lifestyle Estates in the World. Looking at the Club's website, there are properties available, however, the price of those properties is "available upon request"

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The truth is, much of what we hear about The Yellowstone Club is second or third-hand, which would make sense figuring that the whole idea is privacy and exclusivity. I will tell you that we drove up to the property in hopes of grabbing a photo of the entrance, only to be told by a friendly security guard that photos were not allowed and to please move along.

How much does it cost to be a member of The Yellowstone Club?

After doing a little searching on Google, I did come across some prices, however, they're from several years back, and I'm guessing the prices have increased as the popularity of the Club and Montana has grown in the last few years.

Credit: Virtual Globetrotting
Credit: Virtual Globetrotting

According to a Yellowstone Club document, back in 2015, it would cost you 300 thousand for a membership deposit, followed by dues of 36 thousand dollars. There are other fees associated as well. As mentioned, prices have no doubt, gone up.

So, what does a membership get you?

Well, you get access to world-class skiing, concerts from some of the biggest names in music, access to the clubhouse, golf, a spa, and the list goes on. Keep in mind, you also have to own a property to be a member and those properties aren't cheap, we're talking about tens of millions of dollars.

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