Montana is quickly becoming a playground for the rich and famous.

Out-of-state folks are buying land, building huge homes, and then flying in on their private jets to spend long weekends here in The Treasure State. While this isn't new, it does seem that the numbers are increasing, so much so that the airport in Bozeman is building a series of new hangers that will be used for "personal aircraft".

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

And while most Montanans will never have to worry about having their own personal plane, they do have to worry about the rising home prices as well as the cost increase of everyday products.

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We've talked a lot about the amount of money you need to make to afford to live in Montana, however, new research reveals the amount of money you would need to be considered "rich in Montana".

How much do you need to make per year to be "rich" in Montana?

The website Go Banking Rates gathered data from each of the 50 states to determine how much you would need to make per year to be considered rich and for Montana that yearly figure is 411,205. Now, most of us would love to make that amount of money, and when you consider that the average income in Montana is right around 70k, over 400 grand a year would be life-changing for most Montanans.

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

The website looked over 5 years and it turns out that in those 5 years, the yearly salary for Big Sky Country increased over 100k a year.

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