Spooky season is upon us here in Great Falls and The rest of the state. Which means that all sorts of Halloween themed attractions open up and that includes one the coolest events, The Haunted House.


What better do during the evening with your friends, on a date, or oddly by yourself than a haunted house? It's great way to get the blood pumping while also helping out the community during the holidays.

The scarier the better, right? I would think so. The more monsters, blood and spider webs make for a more realistic spooky experience.

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When planning and building these amazing art pieces, would anyone think of safety? I mean, not that anything around here would be too dangerous but there are things to think about.

Enter State Fire Marshall Dirk M. Johnson.

His message shared by Great Falls Fire Rescue from September 13 of this year regarding safety this holiday season.

There have been emergency personnel in the past called to haunted houses and the like. While officials inspect various events from around the state, they've bumped into a lot of safety violations along the way.

He explains that haunted houses no matter where they are setup whether it's a community center, private business, or in a building at the fairgrounds. It's technically an amusement building according to Fire Code IFC 2021.

This stipulates that the building in question has to adhere to mandates on safety precautions to keep everyone safe.

Before you think about making your own haunted house for the public, make sure to review all rules and safety precautions to be safe this Halloween.

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