Where In America Can You Find The Best Places To Play Outdoors?

Being outdoors and partaking in it's activities means different things to different people.

  • Maybe you escape to the outdoors to find peace and find your center. Camping for a couple of days in your favorite spot can do wonders for our prospective on the world.
  • Maybe you escape to the outdoors to get your adrenaline pumping.  Perhaps white water rafting or snowboarding. Sometimes that's all you need to really feel alive.
  • Maybe you escape to the outdoors to get close with nature and your family.  No screens, just nature and family making memories for a lifetime.
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Hiking Montana

Montana Has Some Of The Best Outdoors In America

As Montanans, I'm not even going to try and trick you into thinking Montana might not be on the list.  Of course Montana is in the top of the most outdoorsy states in America.  Under our big sky, you can hike, raft, boat, fish, swim, ski (snow and water), camp, go mudding, hunt, the list goes on and on.

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Let's be honest.  Even though Montana is the best, there are other states with some notable outdoor activities available.

One state that didn't make the list, that was surprising to me, was Oregon.  Oregon is like a little mountain Montana with an ocean.  There are all kinds of ways to enjoy time outdoors in Oregon.

Oregon Bridge

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So, what does it take to make the list?

I got this information off a website called Study Finds, and they weren't very specific.  They did say they used 7 different sources to compile their story. You can check those out here.

Here they are, the top 7 states in America for outdoor enthusiasts.

Top 7 States In America For Outdoor Enthusiasts

Top 7 States For Outdoor Enthusiasts

Gallery Credit: Tammie Toren


Looking for fun things to do on your Montana vacation? Here's a list of the most popular places in the Treasure State.

Gallery Credit: jessejames

Montana Hiking Trail Etiquette: Dos and Don'ts

We have countless, wonderful hiking and walking trails within easy reach of town. But being a Montanan means caring for your surroundings, AND others. Keep in mind these trail basics while enjoying the outdoors. Safe hikers are happy hikers.

Gallery Credit: mwolfe