The Average Price Of A Home In Bozeman Is Now 1.16 Million Dollars

You read that right, the average price of a home in Bozeman, Montana is now 1.16 MILLION dollars, roughly $464,000 more than LAST YEAR.  Almost a half a million more to own a home in Bozeman in less than a year, according to the Robb Report.

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Want to really get riled up? Back in 2019, the average price of a home in Bozeman was $438,500.  And the rest of Montana, except maybe Kalispell that that was double-down crazy.  The price of a home ROSE more than that in Bozeman last year.

Take a look at this listing I found on Real Estate Group//Canva Real Estate Group//Canva

This home was listed at $499,000 in 2016.  It went on the market 21 hours before writing of this article at $1,250,000.  Less than a decade and the value of the home is over twice the value.  Wow.  I get home prices go up, but seriously?  We're in trouble.

This Isn't Happening In Only Montana

Also in Robb Report, they talk about Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  Just like Bozeman, residents are being priced out of the town. It's astonishing what context it's put into in this article.  Here's the quote:

"In fact, the city has been unable to fill employee positions due to a lack of affordable housing." “Houses used to be for employees and hotels for guests. Now houses are for guests and hotels are for employee housing,” Loryn Duke, director of communications for the Steamboat ski resort

So, I take this a couple of ways:

  • I wonder how the "No one wants to work anymore" goes over there when they can't even live where they're expected to wait on the people who are pricing them out of their homes
  • Hotels are for employee housing

My god.

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Bozeman Residents Have Been Largely Ignored Since The Pandemic

I won't say I don't understand selling your home for above the market value, especially for cash.  I do understand.  That's what makes this so hard to control.

Then you see transplant fools like Shallon Lester saying that when it's a great ski day employees don't show up for work.  It's easier to place the blame on people you've priced out of the market as lazy than to admit YOU are the problem.

I'm not sure where Montana goes from here, but I am sure it all depends on the type of people we vote into office.  That's where we have to start.

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