How to Visit Montana's 'New' Pre-Historic Mega Structure

As a life-long Montanan, I try to be knowledgeable about my surroundings and my state.  Especially being in the public ear and eye.  It seems I have a sign that reads something like:

"No phone service, don't worry, I am a virtual cornucopia of useless knowledge.  Ask me anything!"

However, there are times when I simply don't have an answer.  And recently, a conversation about a social media post left me, again, not knowing there is a newly discovered pre-historic mega structure right in our state.

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The Sage Mountain Center, Near Whitehall, Montana

The Sage Mountain Center, located near Whitehall, MT is a privately owned, home-based business, designed and built by Christopher Borton and Linda Welsh.  Their mission, according to their website, is "to promote personal and environmental awareness through tours, consultations, and providing inspiration with a real-world example of what it possible."

Universe Inside You via Youtube
Universe Inside You via YouTube

The owners discovered the Sage Wall in 1996 while hiking the property.  The wall is described as being a "275’ long x 24’ high jaw-dropping marvel."

How To Book Your Visit to This Mega Structure in Montana

The Sage Wall is available to view by booking a tour with the Sage Mountain Center via email here.  You will then be directed to the booking portal.

Universe Inside You via YouTube
Universe Inside You via YouTube

Tours are also available for the Sage Mountain Center and for the labyrinth that is part of the property.

Universe Inside You via YouTube
Universe Inside You via YouTube

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