Tips To Make You a Road Trip Pro in Montana

It's road trip time!  The weather is beautiful across Montana, and now is the time to get out and enjoy some of the scenery that we live in.  Time to pack a cooler with some cold beverages, a snack or two and hit the road.


Making that trip the best it can be takes a little planning, but the payoff on the road is well worth the time spent before you load everyone in the party wagon to your destination.

How Much Do You Love Hitting the Road in Montana

According to a survey by the Starbucks franchise, 92% of people love to hit the open highway and enjoy a road trip.  For Montana's, many of us have a small road trip just to get to work.

The survey revealed that when we do hit the road, there are 3 big things that people love about them.


If there is one thing for sure that you will see on a road trip, plenty of scenery.  Be it mountains, streams, wildlife or even every day common activities.


Oftentimes getting off the beaten path on your road trip can lead to amazing local hot spots that you may not have known about.  Make sure you stop into the smaller towns to see what is happening locally.


Being in the company of friends and family can't be beat when on a road trip.  Gather as many as you can fit in your vehicle and get out and get going!

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More Tips to Help Your Trip Be the Best Across Montana

Starbucks also shared through the survey that there are a few other things that will make that road trip the best it can be.

  • Good music is a must - remember our apps can Bluetooth to your car stereo!
  • Good snacks are a must - chips, candy or beef jerky is always popular

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What tips do you have that are a must when you load up for a trip?  Let us know in the comments, our app chat feature or you can email me here.

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