New Recalls for Major Vehicle Brands in Montana

Getting from point A to point B just became a little more difficult if you are driving one of the new vehicles just added to the National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration's (NHTSA) new recall list.  And unfortunately, they are big brands that frequently are on the roadways.

Ford, Honda, Hyundai and Kia all issued new recalls within the past week as listed with the NHTSA.  They range from easy fixes to major recalls that could cause harm to you and your family, or others.

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Which Vehicles are Affected with the New Recalls in Montana

According to the NHTSA safety issues website, there are several recalls that could be dangerous.  Included in the new recalls are:

  • The 2024 Ford Mustang - the clutch pressure line may not be properly secured and may contact hot exhaust components; this can result in the melting of the clutch pressure line that will lead to a brake fluid leak.

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  • 2022/23 Toyota Tacoma/Lexus LX600 - debris from the manufacturing process may contaminate the engine and cause the main bearings to fail, this can cause the vehicle’s engine to stall and cause a loss of drive power.

More Vehicles Listed with NHTSA across Montana Roadways

Other major vehicle manufacturers that issued recalls within the last week also include:

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  • 2020-2024 Kia Telluride - the front power seat motor may overheat due to a stuck power seat slide knob, as a result, this can cause a vehicle to catch fire while parked or driving.

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