Recently across the Electric City, there have been a handful of incidents that have made me start to question some of my own actions.  No, I am not a criminal, nor looking to become one.  But the criminal element that permeates our city is certainly giving me cause to reevaluate how my day progresses and where my travels take me.

We Aren't Mayberry, Nor Should We Be, But It Is Dangerous Out There

Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to scare you or anyone else.  Bad things happen in our city and everywhere.  It's the plain truth.  But with several shootings, several homicides and various other incidents within our city and with the law enforcement professionals, I find myself starting to avoid certain areas or events just because I don't like the uncertainty of what could happen.  However, that doesn't mean that I am doing anything less, just differently.

Paying Better Attention to My Surroundings and the People Around Me

While I may be a little more cautious about my whereabouts and those around me, it doesn't mean that I am not enjoying life or curling up in a ball in my home.  It simply means that I am more aware of what is happening around me.  Where are the exit doors in this building?  Is there someone acting extremely out of character for the activity that I am enjoying?  I've even found myself making sure my back is against the wall when seated or ensuring that I put myself between my wife or family and the person coming towards us on the street.

iI hate it, and It's a shame that it has come to this is Great Falls.

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