Do You Know the Etiquette of the Montana Cowboy Hat

Montana can conjure up many images when mentioned to someone.  Majestic skies, stellar streams and rivers, national parks and wildlife.  It can also remind us of our history, such as the cowboy and how we imagine them.


The main items you'll envision are long-sleeve shirts, jeans with chaps, boots and of course, one of the most important parts of that attire.  The cowboy hat.  But do you know the etiquette of wearing one in the state?

Hat History for Wearing the Perfect Cowboy Hat in Montana

While many may think that the original cowboy hat was of the style that we see today, it actually started much differently.  The preferred choice of hat of cowboys in the 1800's was that of a bowler, or derby hat.  Think all those pictures of Butch Cassidy dressed up.

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Designed in 1849, the derby would be the go-to for many until the Stetson would come about in 1865, transforming into what we now know today as the "cowboy hat".  The original Stetson featured a high crown and wide brim and looked a bit like an Amish hat.  It would remain that way for over 20 years.

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Head Lice, Luck and Superstition All Part of History of Hat in Montana

Now that you have found that perfect cowboy hat to wear, you should probably know some of the etiquette that surrounds wearing one of them.  And the superstitions that abound when either wearing or taking it off.

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Check out our gallery below to see what you need when donning one of these iconic pieces of the American West and Montana history.  And whatever you do, never, ever touch another person's hat.

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