Have an itch to see the world while jet-setting with some of the biggest stars in the music industry?  Well, if you are a serious "Swifty" or a huge "Bee in the Beehive" fan, there is a gig that is right up your alley with the Gannett news service.  It could even pay you up to a 6-figure income to do so.


Sounds great, right?  Hold on a second though, is it really needed?  Or for that matter, even wanted?

Well, What's The Problem with This Gig Then?  Why The Hate?

Here is the beef I have with this job.  In Great Falls, we lost our local Tribune a couple of years ago.  Sure, it is still published, out of Helena mind you, but for local reporting there is babkas to read in the headlines.  Where is our local reporter for the Electric City?

My point is this:  If Gannett can afford to send someone to cover the life and times of Taylor Swift or Beyonce, why can't they cover local news in the communities that they own the paper in?

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Think You Have What It Takes to Be a Music Star Reporter?

Even though we don't have a local news reporter in our midst in regard to our newspaper, you could be the next big star in reporting the news for Gannett.

The job will pay between $21.63 to $50.87 per hour.  You would be covering either of the artists tours, depending on which you apply for.  Articles would include details on the tour, album releases for each artist and how each of these ladies have impacted pop culture, music and influencing millions of people while doing so.  You can find out more about this opportunity here.

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