Diehard outdoorsmen and women throughout the Treasure State have already begun discussing the upcoming hunting season.

Among the hot topics is a chance at the 2024 SuperTag.

What Is The Montana SuperTag

The SuperTag was established in 2023 by the Montana legislature.

The SuperTag allows a hunter to harvest the listed game animal on the tag in any of Montana's hunting districts.

SuperTags are available for each of the following species: moose, horn sheep, mountain, goat, antelope, elk, deer, bison, and mountain lion.

All the revenue collected from the super tag sales is ultimately used to enhance hunting access and support wildlife efforts throughout the state.

Additinal SuperTag Info

Any Montana resident who purchases a general elk or deer license before June 30th will automatically receive an entry into the tag drawing.

Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks has determined that resident tag entry will be for moose this year.

How To Purchase Montana SuperTag

In order to purchase a super tag, the Hunter must possess a conservation license.

There is no limit to the number of super tag chances you can buy.

Each entry is five dollars.

The 2024 Montana super tag must be purchased before June 30.

To check the number of tags sold in the Treasure State, visit the FWP website each Monday between now and June 30.

To purchase chances online, go to FWP's Online Licensing Service.

SuperTag Chances are also available for purchase at FWP offices and license providers.

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