Does A Major Grocery Chain Have Sights On Great Falls?

With recent attention on the Treasure State and a rising population, national chains are expanding to Montana.

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Numerous businesses have announced their plans to open in Great Falls, and the trend appears to continue.

I stumbled across an interesting post on one of the Great Falls Facebook pages that may allude to yet another big box door opening its doors here in the Electric City.

The post described how someone here in Great Falls had recently received a postcard from WinCo Foods.

This is not entirely out of the norm since a Winco recently opened in Helena.

What's interesting about this flyer is that it was recruiting employees.

You can check out the original post and comments on the What's Happening in Great Falls Facebook page.

Here's what the post had to say…

"Does anyone know about getting a Winco in Great Falls? They sent a postcard out to residents in Great Falls looking to hire people. A friend of mine who lives in Helena said, that Winco down there told her they are opening a store in Great Falls, possibly in the old Shopko Building." -Sandy Fry

WinCo In Great Falls, Montana

I did some research and went to the WinCo Foods website to look at career opportunities.

Nothing was listed for Great Falls at this time.

It seems a bit weird that a company like Winco would advertise in Great Falls for employees in Helena, Billings, or Bozeman.

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