What To Do If An Unmarked Police Car Tries To Pull You Over

Nothing spikes my anxiety more than driving in Montana and seeing a police car turn its lights on behind me.

Imagine if that car was an unmarked one with no identifying markers letting you know they were actually the police.

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An unmarked police car with blue lights on the dash

How To Spot An Unmarked Police Car In Montana

While hard to spot at a quick glance, there are some telltale signs for unmarked police cars.

First, there will be flashing lights; they might not be highly visible when off, but when they turn on, they'll be hard to miss.

Next, look for the "exempt" license plates, which indicate a government-issued plate that differs from the plates you'll find on your own car.

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A woman looks nervous after being stopped by police

Take The Following Actions If You Are Being Pulled Over

Should you find yourself being pulled over by what you believe to be an unmarked police car, keep calm and follow these steps.

  1. Pull Over Into A Well Lit Visible Area: Find a gas station or a well-trafficked and well-lit area in which plenty of people are around.
  2. Call 911: By calling 911, they'll be able to tell you if there is a police officer in your area and if they are in fact pulling you over.
  3. Verify Their Identity: Keep your windows up and doors locked until you can confirm the identity of the officer who has pulled you over.
  4. Comply: This goes for all traffic stops; if you keep calm and follow instructions, you'll be on your way in no time.

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