Do You Know Where The Second National Park Is Located?

Montana is a lucky state, as we have not one but two national parks. Sure, there are states with more than us, but most only have one.

As most of you know, Yellowstone National Park was the very first national park established in America, but do you know where the second one was located?

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The entrance sign at yellowstone national park

Today It's No Longer A National Park But A State Park Instead

There are a couple pretty neat facts about the second national park in America, the first of which is that it's no longer a national park.

It was converted into a state park after only 20 years.

It is also home to the only highway in America that no automobiles are allowed to drive on.

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Mackinac Island State Park walkway

Mackinac National Park In Michigan Was America's Second National Park

In 1875, just three years after Yellowstone became the first national park, President Ulysses S. Grant made Mackinac National Park the second national park.

As I mentioned earlier, it only kept that designation for 20 years, as it is now known as Mackinac Island State Park and was the first state park in Michigan.

If you want to journey to Michigan this summer to check the island out, we suggest stopping along the way at the Rush Mountain Adventure Park in South Dakota to help break up the trip.

Check out some of the history of Mackinac Island State Park in the gallery below, along with the most visited and least visited national parks in America.

Mackinac Island State Park

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