Montana’s Bliss: The 10 Happiest Cities In The State

When you wake up each morning living in Montana, it's hard not to be happy.

Sure, we deal with all the same struggles that the majority of people do, but there is one difference between us: we live in Montana, and they don't.

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What Cities Are Considered The Happiest In Montana?

While I think just living in Montana would be enough to make anyone wake up with a smile, there are a few cities that have been found to be happier than others.

That could be due to a variety of variables, such as shorter commute times, access to the outdoors, and job opportunities.

The website Credit Donkey set out to find the happiest cities in every state across America and used seven factors to find Montana's happiest city.

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How Do You Determine What Makes A Montana City Happy?

After looking at statistics from the U.S. Census and the FBI Crime Database, Credit Donkey then used the following 7 factors to rank the happiest cities in Montana:

  1. Restaurants
  2. Crime Rate
  3. Commute
  4. Departure Time
  5. Income
  6. Divorce Rate
  7. Housing

With those 7 criteria, they started to rank the cities, and I think the results for the top two happiest cities might be shocking for residents of the Treasure State, but I'll let you be the judge of that by checking out the gallery of the 10 happiest cities in Montana below.

Happy Under The Big Sky: The 10 Happiest Cities in Montana

According to Credit Donkey these are the 10 Happiest Cities in Montana based on information from the U.S. Census Bureau and the FBI Crime Database.

Gallery Credit: Nick Northern

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