The Feds Say Montanans Should Not Carry This in Your Purse or Wallet

It's the same routine every morning for me after getting ready for the day; I grab my cell phone, my keys and then check to make sure I have my wallet.

I have a feeling it's the same for most of us in Montana, we carry so much important information in our wallet or purse everyday, but there is one item that should be left at home.

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You might be thinking we're talking about cash, since the world seems to be shifting to a cashless society, but that is not it.

We're not even saying to remove identity identifying objects like pictures of your kids, spouse or pets either.

No, this is one little item is so valuable, that if it happens to end up in the wrong hands, it can and will ruin your entire life in an instant.

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A blank Social Security Card

Take Your Social Security Card Out Of You Wallet Or Purse Immediately

In case you didn't know, your Social Security card is the easiest way for criminals to get your identity.

Once they have this piece of paper along with your name, they can do so much with it; get bank loans, open new credit cards in your name.

If they are really brazen they can also claim your tax return for themselves as well.

Your Social Security Card Is Not An Identification Card.

According to the Social Security Administration you will never be asked to provide your Social Security card for proof of identification.

The best place to keep your Social Security card is in a fireproof safe in your house that only you and someone you trust have a key too.

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