These Are The 9 Workplace Surfaces Covered With The Most Germs In Montana

I am not what you would call a "neat-freak" or a germaphobe, but after reading about how dirty the surfaces in our places of work are, I could see myself easily becoming one.

I think after Covid people started to realize just how dirty things, and people, can truly be.

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A person washing their hands in the sink

You Think You're Clean, But Are You Really?

We all like to think we're clean people, but if you stop for just a moment, you might realize just how dirty we really can be.

How many times have you or another co-worker come to work with the sniffles? Sneezing and blowing your nose all day, do you wash your hands after each use or throw away every Kleenex?

I don't even want to think about how many people don't wash their hands after using the bathroom.

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a man holding a piece of paper that says "wash your hands"

Are You Grossed Out Yet?

Take a look around your office, and I bet you'll start to notice things that could easily be covered in germs.

Heck, here at our office, there is a brush for coffee mugs that I swear has been in the sink since we moved into this office building back in 2016, so we are not judging you at all.

So, grab a bottle of hand sanitizer, some cleaning spray, and paper towels, and let's find out what the nine dirtiest surfaces are that you come into contact with every day at work.

Yuck! The 9 Germiest Surfaces in Your Workplace

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