These Bumper Stickers Put Your Montana Family At Risk

Do you consider yourself a private person?

Well, those bumper stickers you put on the back of your car are telling people more about you and your habits than you'd like them to know.

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A bumper sticker that says "I love my husband" with a heart for the word love

These Little Stickers Tell More Than You Think

I love bumper stickers; in fact, I collect them.

Whenever we travel somewhere new, either in Montana or America, I'll look for unique bumper stickers to not only add to my collection but also to remind us of the trip.

However, I don't put those bumper stickers on my car; they go on my cooler. That's because those bumper stickers can let people with bad intentions gain insight into my and your daily lives.

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A creepy man with a mustache wearing sunglasses

How To Keep Your Private Life Private

Think of how easy it is to Google people these days. Why would you want to give them more information than they need?

You might think a small bumper sticker showing off your personality or your family's hobbies is innocent, but it's like a flashing neon sign for those looking to cause you trouble.

That's why you should think about removing the following bumper stickers found in the gallery below from your car.

16 Bumper Stickers Montanans Should Remove From Their Cars Right Now

Gallery Credit: Ryan Antoinette Valenzuela

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