Montana is sometimes referred to as "The Last Best Place," and you would be hard pressed to find a Montanan who would disagree with this sentiment. But even the best of places has some weird things that pop up from the past to haunt them from time to time.

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Often, we can get a glimpse into the oddities of the past by looking into some weird and ancient laws that for whatever reason, remain on the law books today.  Many states have a record of bizarre laws, and Montana is no different. Most of the laws you've never heard of, sometimes it's because they're rarely enforced, other times it's because they've simply fallen out of vogue.

Some of these bizarre laws are so oddly specific it's almost as if they were written for a singular person in mind. Often, you are left wondering what could have happened in the past that would prompt people to write such laws.
Keep scrolling to see the 10 most bizarre laws found in Montana 👇


Like why do sheep need a chaperone when riding in the cab of your truck? Why is this law specific to the cab? Where were these sheep going and what kind of trouble were the sheep getting into in the cab of trucks that necessitates this bizarre law in the first place?

However strange and dated, plenty of these laws remain on the books, and if someone really wanted to ruin your day- you could still be in trouble for breaking them.  Sadly, a lot of these laws appear to have racist and/or misogynistic undertones. Thankfully, these laws are not really enforced, pointing to the progress our beautiful state has made over the years.

Keep scrolling to see the 10 most bizarre laws found in Montana 👇

10 of the most BIZARRE laws found in Montana

Montana is no stranger to crazy laws, here are 10 of the most bizarre ones on the books.

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